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The theme of my exhibition will be to compare and contrast pyramids and contemporary architecture. I will start by a brief introduction to the pyramids as the oldest structures in the world and then explore its influences in the modern architecture. I will include the images of ancient pyramids to compare them to the images of more contemporary architecture so that the viewer is able to understand and see the influences of the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Basically, my mission is to explore pyramids and how they have influenced modern architecture.

Write a brief contextual analysis of your theme looking both at the past and the present. Seek out the larger sociological, religious, and political concepts that may influence the formal and thematic qualities in the artistic artifacts you wish to provide in your exhibit.  Your contextual exploration should be about two pages long, double-spaced. Use at least 4 of your references; add more as needed. Submit by the end of week 4 to the provided area.


  • 2 Page paper in MLA format with minimum of 4 scholarly references cited properly.

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