WLC Nonverbal Communication in American and Japanese Cultures Discussion


Please answer the question in this exam – they are short essay questions. A complete answer will be about 400 words (1 double spaced Word page) long. I strongly recommend that you draft, write, and revise your answers in a Word.docx or Google Doc first, and then paste your essays into Canvas when they are ready to submit.

Your essays must be written entirely in your own words – no quotes, no copying of text from articles, modules, or the web – and must use only information learned from material posted as part of this class (modules – reading, links, articles). Please do not collaborate or discuss your answers to the questions with anyone – the essays you write need to be your own work.


Compare and contrast nonverbal communication (not a signed language like ASL) in two different cultures, either as covered in the modules or readings or from your personal experiences. Describe how each culture communicates in at least 2 different modalities (body, hands, gaze, sounds, proximity, etc) and explain what is being communicated. Consider implications for cross-cultural miscommunication, either hypothesize what could happen or what you have seen happen from your own experiences.

The book to take ideas from and how you should come up with an answer.


Everything should be own words! No references or works cited page. It should be 400 words.

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