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In this reading what I found interesting was the possibility of abolishing the juvenile system. When I first read this I was thinking “what no way we need this” but as I got further I began to think “why not.” So how would we replace it? If we take out the formality such as bars and cuffs along with cells and guards and replaced them with some sort of group home family environment. Where the actual jail was a group home broken down in to particular groups based on the crime and the needs of the child. With this new style we maybe able to take away the negative impact the system has on the juveniles and give them a better outlook than just a label to look forward to.

Lets talk about necessity here a little bit.  Are there cases perhaps where a more formal juvenile court, or even juvenile corrections system is necessary?  For example we have a program similar to what you discuss locally here, it has no bars, no locks, you can walk right out the front door.  While this works ok for some, there are a number of youth that do just that, walk right out the front door.  

What do we do for situations like that where there are some kids that are just going to walk out the door and leave?


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