William Paterson University Athenian Democracy vs American Democracy Discussion

Title: Athenian Democracy vs. American Democracy

Overview: In this assignment you will be writing a persuasive essay comparing Greek and American democracy.

After reading some editorials and commentaries found on the Ancient Greece LibGuide (Athens section) about ancient Athenian democracy and American democracy, you will write an essay attempting to persuade your reader of either the similarities or differences between the two.

Reference: https://pccc.libguides.com/c.php?g=788277&p=5644036

Requirements: Each paper must be at least 400 words Bibliography, Must be Works Cited page (MLA style) must be included.

2nd thing to do: Separately

Journal Prompt

Reference for both prompt:


Prompt 1: Why were people drawn to monasticism? Who was Benedict of Nursia? What gave him the expertise to write The Rule? (Must be on 1 page, 300 words).

Prompt 2: What type of life did he believe that monks should lead? Why? (Must be another paper, 300 words)

Note: You can take your time, it just has to be done before 12 am.

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