What Are Ways that Healthcare Workers Can Demonstrate Good Communication Discussion

IDENTIFY “Your TOP Three” —– What are ways that healthcare workers can demonstrate Good Communication.

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The importance of good communication skills in the healthcare setting cannot be underestimated. When the healthcare team demonstrates good communication it has a positive effect on the patient outcomes. Some of the results are as follows: it helps the patients’ problems be more clearly identified, it helps patients adjust to the stress of their illness, it results in patient satisfaction with their care, and patients are more likely to follow their healthcare instructions (Van Servellen, 2009). With all these positives, healthcare workers still at times fail to display good communication skills.

Take a moment to reflect on your experience with healthcare. For example, going to a doctor’s appointment for vaccines or going to urgent care for the FLU or going to the hospital prior to a procedure being completed. Think about the interactions between healthcare professionals and think about the interactions between the healthcare professional and the patient? What were the interactions like with the workers in those settings?

Now ……. view the video in the link below:

Kathy Torpie The Vaule of Communication Skills in Healthcare

THEN create YOUR List of the TOP 3 BEST communication techniques that healthcare workers can do that demonstrate good communication, what does YOUR list include? Make sure and explain why you selected the ones that you did?

STEPS for the Discussion Board Assignment:

  1. REFER to the Discussion Board Grading Rubric on this assignment to understand how it will be graded. (See course syllabus)
  2. CREATE your TOP 3 Best communication techniques and why? on a Word Doc. When you have edited and revised your POST, read through the required steps to ensure you have ALL steps completed.
  3. CLICK into the Reply area and then copy and paste your POST into the Reply text box.
  4. After you submit your initial post to the Discussion Board then READ your classmates posts scenarios (you may want to wait until after Wednesday) and provide comments for 2 of your classmates.
  5. You MUST submit your INITIAL Post by Sunday night at 11:59pm of week 4.
  6. Your replies to two other students should be completed by Sunday night at 11:59pm of week 5.
  7. Remember All STUDENTS will have access to view everyone’s Discussion Board Posts.

To LEARN more:

1. Below is a link to an ARTICLE on Professional Communication and Team Collaboration: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK2637/

2. Below is a link to an ARTICLE on communication in healthcare:


3. Below is a link to the SaferCare website page that talks about SBAR:


4. Below is a VIDEOS on the importance of build good communication


5. Below is a VIDEO on ways to improve your communication –

3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

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