West Chester University Equal Rights Amendment Discussion


1. To identify and analyze federal legislation affecting women

2. To identify and analyze policy affecting women created in the executive and judicial branch

What is Due?

Find a current event article broadly related to any topic we’ve discussed so far in class. Briefly summarize your article for your group, and propose at least one discussion question to your group. Use context from the required readings for this week to support your summary.

Please use sources that are as neutral as possible. Refer to this Media Bias Chart if you need assistance identifying neutral sources.


Alkadry, Chapters 2 & 3

Alkadry, M. G., & Tower, L. E. (2014). Women and public service: Barriers, challenges and opportunities. Routledge.


Alkadry, Chapter 2

Alkadry, Chapter 3, Part 1

Alkadry, Chapter 3, Part 2

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