Week 3 Research Methods and Designs Forum Questions

Week 3 Forum Question

In a seamless posting, please incorporate the following into your initial posting:

the differences between the three major approaches surrounding
collection and analysis of data i,e., quantitative, qualitative, and
mixed methods. As well as, describe the design of scientific inquiry
that may go with each method i.e., survey, narrative, phenomenological,
ethnographic, grounded theory, or case study and why it would be
selected. Then address which method and design you think you would
prefer to use to conduct research and why.

Student expectations for Forum questions:

Your initial Forum posts require a minimum of a 500 word
substantive response. All follow-up responses (minimum of 2) should
require 250-300 words.

A total of three posting is necessary to have completed the bare minimum amount of forum work each week.


responses to the Forum group question need to be substantial and

significant supported by at least one additional scholarly reference

that goes beyond the readings. Students should be using the APUS Online

Library to search for peer-reviewed journal articles

that help support their argument. The in-text citation and references

will be formatted in APA Style. Your original posting should be posted

as a response to the Forum question. Please be sure to use your own

words; meet the deliverable length; support your main post (in-text

citations AND list of references); use paragraphs in your main post to

organize your points and make it more reader-friendly; and post three

time per week. Please avoid “i” … etc and be sure to start each new

sentence with a capital letter. All original response will be posted no later than Thursday evening at 11:55 PM EST the week of the Forum question. This allows time for others to respond to your posting.

Students will also be required to respond to at least two (2) other

students posting with significant comments that demonstrate critical

thinking by asking additional questions or adding to the body of

knowledge started. If you argue, controversial issues use a reference to

support your argument that adds credibility to your position. Your

response to your peers work should be engaging and informative with good

substance. Your responses should contribute in a meaningful way to

helping advance our knowledge of the topics the class explores.

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