Walmart Digital Environment Leadership Discussion

Question :

reading the article “Managing in the Digital Environment Leadership in
the Information Age: A Cultural of Continual Change, ” the external
environment of an organization comprises of all the entities that exist
outside its boundary but have significant influence on its growth and
survival. An organization has little or no control over its environment
but needs to constantly monitor and adapt to these external changes.
Share a recent example from business news about an external organizational challenge, how the company addressed it (internal factors), and what you would do differently.

Sources :

Text Book : Read Chapter 2

Management: Leading and Collaborating in the Competitive World 13th e (loose-leaf)
(Bateman/Snell/Konopaske), McGraw-Hill (2018)
ISBN: 9781260194241
A Pocket Style Manual 8th e (Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers) Bedford/St. Martin’s (2018)
ISBN: 978-1-319-05740-4

Required Materials – Other

Managing in the Digital Environment Leadership in the Information Age: A Culture of Continual Change.

5 Ways Your Company Can Keep Its Competitive Edge.

20 Leadership Experts Share Their Best Leadership Tip.

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