Walden University the Organizational and The Structure International Monetary Fund

Cooperation, Coordination, and Inter-organizational Interaction


In a complex, networked world, organizations operate in a constant churn of interactions. International organizations frequently work with a wide range of actors in order to achieve their goals. Governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), corporations, and other organizations may all have overlapping interests and operations in given regions. This might mean that cooperation between many organizations may be needed to achieve goals.

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) works with companies, workers, universities, and governments to promote workers’ rights and improve working conditions. This sounds very much like the mission of the ILO from Week 6, but in this case, the FLA is the creation of companies seeking to demonstrate their commitment to fair labor practices. Following painful revelations about sweatshop labor in the 1990s, a group of global companies formed the FLA by cooperating with other stakeholders. Activists, academics, and workers were given commitments to improved working conditions and a transparent monitoring system to ensure companies complied with the rules. Companies got a system that could certify them as sweatshop free. The result is an organization that is mutually beneficial to all parties but that is supported by several different kinds of organizations with very different missions.

This week, you explore how your selected organization operates in today’s global network. You also examine how the organization is managed, the institutional structure used to operate the organization, and any challenges associated with these structures. Finally, you explore how your organization fits into the global network.

This week’s Assignment represents the culmination of the work done this week and last and should reflect effort across both weeks.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze institutional and leadership structures of international organizations
  • Evaluate accomplishments of organizational missions
  • Evaluate challenges to organizational success in global organizations
  • Analyze potential areas of transformation in organizations

Final Project, Part 3: Organizational Analysis

This paper builds on the Background Paper to outline the state of the organization today. This paper must be 750–1,000 words in length. It should analyze how the organization operates in the present time and the major challenges facing the organization.

The Organizational Analysis paper must include the following components:

  • An analysis of the present-day organizational structure, including key leadership positions
  • An explanation of the organization’s current mission and an assessment of how well the organization is (or is perceived to be) accomplishing its mission
  • An explanation of the three most important challenges facing the organization and what factors are contributing to those challenges

The organization I was writing is IMF(international monetary fund)

please wrtie well and follow step by step the instructions.

you do not need to wrtite an introduction of IMF because I wrote it before twice so just start the requiremnets of this assignment.

  • Readings

    • Wright, B. E., & Pandey, S. K. (2010). Transformational leadership in the public sector: Does structure matter? Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 20(1), 75–89.
      Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    • Wright, B. E., Moynihan, D. P., & Pandey, S. K. (2012). Pulling the levers: Transformational leadership, public service motivation, and mission valence. Public Administration Review, 72(2), 206–215.
      Retrieved from the Walden Library databases

    lanation of the potential areas of transformation change in the organization

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