Walden University Inmate Manipulation Presentation


Please prepare a Student Presentation PowerPoint about your dissertation study using one of the Student Presentation Templates. Use the Template that fits with where you are in the dissertation process. Fill in the requested information as indicated on each slide and in the Notes below each slide. Please do not add or delete any slides.

Choose the Student Presentation PowerPoint Template that matches where you are in the dissertation process:

  • Pre-Proposal Approval
  • Post-Proposal Approval (before Findings)
  • Final Study with Findings

During the residency, be prepared to conduct a 5 minute presentation of your study to your cohort on Day 2 of the residency.

You are encouraged to submit your Pre-Work assignment before arriving at the residency. The final deadline to submit your Pre-Work assignment is 6:00 p.m. on Day 1 of the Residency. You must submit your Student Presentation PowerPoint by this deadline since you will be presenting your study on Day 2 of the residency.

To submit your completed Pre-Work, go to the BlackBoard Residency classroom and locate the Pre-Work area.

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