Walden University Case Conceptualization Working With Adult Clients Paper

Within CBT/REBT, the processes occurring within a client’s mind are considered most important to locating the source of the problem(s). These two approaches differ in the way thought processes are conceptualized, however, with REBT focusing on irrational thoughts and CBT focusing on automatic thoughts linked to schemas.

For this Assignment, you select and analyze a case study through the lens of either CBT or REBT and complete a case conceptualization for the case. In clinical practice, the treatments you select from come out of your theoretical orientation. For this Assignment, they will come from the approach that you select. You do not have to choose the same therapy approach that you chose for your Course Project, though you may if you like.

To prepare:

  • Review the Case Studies of Rebecca and Jill in this week’s Learning Resources and select one to use for this Assignment.
  • After you select your case study, choose either the CBT approach or the REBT approach for working with this client.
  • Locate and review the Case Conceptualization document for your selected approach (either CBT or REBT) in the Learning Resources.

To complete this Assignment:

  • Use the appropriate Case Conceptualization document to analyze your selected case study. Complete a written case conceptualization that addresses all three parts of the handout.
  • Be sure to complete your hypotheses and plan for potential interventions using only the therapeutic approach you selected (CBT or REBT).

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