Visual Art Analysis Paper

You will select and write a paper about a work of art from the Gateway text or an image on any PowerPoint on Blackboard ( Palmer Hayden, Midsummer Night in Harlem, Page 185) . 

Provide the artist’s name, title of the artwork and page number. If the image was on a PowerPoint, provide the chapter number and slide number.  Click on the link above, How to Analyze an Artwork.

Produce two paragraphs (about 6 to 10 sentences per paragraph) discussing why you like or dislike the artwork.  Include terms and concepts you learned in Part I (Chapters 1-10).   Example: 1.5 means Part I and 5 means Chapter 5. When you select an image from the text, you must provide the page number.   Example: Edward Hopper, “Nighthawks”, page 180.   

Do not duplicate the authors’ interpretation or discussion of the artwork.  Warning: do not use any content from another  source, only the content from the text.  

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