University of Phoenix WK10 Prevention Research & Community Practice Essay

Prevention Research and Community Practice

You reviewed how leaders in the community can contribute to the adoption and effectiveness of prevention programs. Specifically, there are five stages necessary for successfully adopting an innovation into the community. With this noted along with research completed in the Library, please answer the following:

Provide a summary of the five stages of adoptions of the Science-Based Prevention Approach.

Identify two stages and discuss the strengths and limitations of each stage.

There is a gap that exists between prevention research and community practice. Analyze how a human service professional could help to bridge this gap. Discuss the skills needed and identify any challenges you feel a human service professional may encounter.

Training of community leaders has been identified as related to greater adoption of community programs. Identify a type of training you feel would be effective in educating community leaders. Discuss any limitations that may exist in the implementation of this training.

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