University of Phoenix At Home Environment Presentation for Families PPT

At-Home Environment Presentation for Families

Create a 12- to 16-slide presentation for the families of your primary classroom students, in which you emphasize principles of language acquisition and reading by describing an exceptional at-home environment for primary readers and writers.

Focus your presentation’s content, tone, and style on the needs of the families of primary readers and writers.

Describe materials, objects, and props, such as environmental print, storybooks, and toys, you would use in your presentation to families.

Create visual aids to use in your presentation that illustrate key points or complex ideas.

Describe the following elements of the environment in your presentation:

  • Physical description and layout of one child- and family-centered room in a home (e.g., kitchen, play room, child’s bedroom)
  • Toys, technology, texts, resources, and materials
  • Routines, traditions, and expectations
  • Daily schedule
  • Meaningful at-home activities and interactions

Include the following principles in your presentation:

  • Evidence of current language acquisition and literacy theories, standards, and research
  • Support for primary readers’ experiential, cognitive, social, emotional, cultural, and linguistic development
  • Meaningful at-home activities and interactions that influence children’s language acquisition and reading
  • The roles that sight words, the alphabet, and phonological awareness play in children’s transition from oral to written language
  • Support for the conversational and academic language development of English language learners.

Please use APA format to include reference slide for all references used.

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