University of Oxford Type of Crimes Question

Assignment 2.1Watch this 10 minute video about the Madoff investment scandal and answer the following questions (link also included in the video description):1. How serious or severe would you rate Bernie Madoff’s crimes in comparison to those included in the UCR index offenses?2. Generally, when we (in the U.S.) talk about crime rates and how they vary across cities and change over time, we are referring to evidence from UCR index crime data, which emphasize street crime over white collar or corporate crime. How do you think this shapes the social construction of crime and who gets stereotyped as a criminal?Assignment

2.21. Imagine that you are a criminology researcher. Develop a research question or statement reflecting something you would like to know about crime – anything of interest to you.2. What type of crime data would you use? (UCR, victimization survey, or self-report data)3. Explain your choice in 2-3 sentences.Assignment

3.1In what ways are Beccaria’s ideals of severity, celerity, and/or certainty embodied in the modern criminal justice system in the U.S. (or in your home country if you are from outside the U.S.)? Provide at least one example and describe in a few sentences how it aligns with one or more of these concepts.Assignment

3.2Because of your expertise in criminology, the mayor of Denver has sought you out for advice on how to reduce crime. For both of the scenarios below, explain in your words what you believe causes crime and provide one suggestion as to how the city might go about reducing crime rates (4-6 sentences for each).1. You are a proponent of classical/rational choice theory.2. You are a proponent of biosocial theory.

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