University of North Texas E Cigarettes Research Paper

This is a technical writing assessment paper. All the required material are as follows:

Choose: a product or process to define and describe

Research: the product or process using quality resources

Explore: how the product or process is defined and described by your industry

Choose three terms to explore. Research the terms. Write a one-sentence definition for each (in your own words). Choose one of those terms (product or process) to describe. Create a 1-2-page Technical Description beginning with a cover page (see this YouTube Video on creating a cover page). Your brief introduction should begin with the definition of the product or process you are describing. The body should be presented in an organized manner using visual elements such as headings, subheadings, bullet points or numbered lists, graphics that inform, etc. Think visually. It should conclude with a brief concluding statement (see the rubric for more details).

Before you submit this document for assessment, make sure it is a professionally edited version ready for submission to your boss, his or her boss, your colleagues, the company’s client or patient, and that it represents you as you want to be represented to the world.

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