University of Maryland Eastern Shore Psychology Summary

1) Read chapters 1 and 2 in the
required course textbook and view the chapter Power Points (attached). Also,
read/view the online information related to the history of psychology
titled: 1)”A History of Psychology” 2)”Brief History of Psychology” 3)
“History of Psychology (video)” located below by clicking the links.

A History of Psychology:

Brief History of Psychology:

History of Psychology:


Traditional psychology normally
begins with the ancients, civilizations primarily located in Europe, and
ends with the emergence of biobehavioral/neuroscience interpretations
of human behavior. After clicking the above links related to this
assignment and reading and/or viewing the assigned
websites, please provide a summary of the major psychological
developments in the following areas:

1) Early psychological thought

2) Enlightenment psychological thought

3) Emergence of German experimental psychology

4) Early American psychology

5) Emergence of behaviorism in America

6) Cognitivism

Instructions: The summary should be word processed using a 12-point font with double spaced lines only

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