University of Louisiana Personality Carttells 16 Pf Test Result Discussion

Take either the Cattell’s 16 PF or the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) (or both if you want). TAKE THE TEST AS SOMEONE ELSE. DO NOT TAKE IT AS YOU. This is because you will be talking about the results to your classmates.

you might want to take the test as if you are a famous literary person, a television or movie character, or someone from history or even mythology. But again, no politicians.

Comment at LENGTH on whether you felt the results were accurate. Now, since you do not know the person you may have to use your imagination. However, you can still make useful comments. Do you think the results were useful? What do they actually mean? Did you find any surprises?

  • This is a test that is very similar to the 16 PF. Don’t trust any scales that are related to Intelligence because they are not necessarily correct. But the rest are fairly close to the real 16PF. If you choose you can take the test as an imaginary character or tv character. Do a good job and remember how this person responded. You can also use the Eysenck test, below, instead. Or use both if you like and really make great impression!

^^^ (Once you click on this link, Hit the grey start button listed under informed consent to begin)

•This is a test based on Hans Eysenck’s (and Later Sybil and Hans Eysenck’s’) three-factor model and test. The webpage that presents it has some interesting and occasionally bizarre “new age stuff” but I ignore all that.
Most of what it says about Eysenck and his theory is fairly accurate.
The test also measures attitudes towards sexuality and politics, which were areas where Sybil Eysenck, Hans Eysenck’s wife, published, often with Professor Eysenck. (They were married more than 45 years and were quite a couple! He was very introverted. She was not.)
The first three factors are important. You can skip the political and sexual questions if you like. The test will take about twenty minutes to complete.
Remember to write down or print the results. Better idea to print them because you will be discussing them instead of a quiz. You will not be sharing your real results with anyone. You will be posting about an imaginary person.
I am also putting up a paper and pencil version of this test in case your internet is so bad that you can’t access the online version.

**view attachment for this test**

I included a students response to give an explain on how to do this

Students response example

I am a fan of taking personality test for myself. I find the results intriguing. Although, I typically don’t agree with the results I receive on my personality test. I find the results to extreme of a personality trait I may carry. I was impressed with the 16PF and Eysenck Questionnaire compared to the personality test I have experienced in the past. Both of these questionnaires cover all possible personality traits and to what degree of that trait you may carry. I have trouble answering these question for myself due to being indecisive. Therefore, answering these questions for a character was challenging.

The character I chose is Christina Yang from the popular series Greys Anatomy. I took the 16PF and Eysenck Questionnaire as Christina. If I’m being honest, I chose her because she has some very dominant personality traits. This made answering the questions for my character not as difficult. I was not surprised by the results I received for this character. I was surprised on how detailed the results were for each personality trait. The 16PF went all the way from Christina’s score for warmth to her tension. She scored off the charts in dominance, reasoning, privateness, and self-reliance. These are all traits I have noticed her displaying on the many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy that I have watched.

The Eysenck Questionnaire broke these categories of her personality down even more that the 16pf. This test went from showing on a number chart her score for how sociable she was to how excitable. She cored below ten on sociable and excitable. This did not surprise me either. I took the 16pf and I plan to take the Eysenck as myself eventually. The Eysenck test took longer to complete. I think both of these test were accurate and interesting

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