University of Illinois at Chicago Development and Work of a Dentist PPT

1.Write a script for a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation you would give to a group of university freshman who is interested in choosing dentistry and are interested in developing their skills, knowledge, and experience in this field to enhance their future employability. Your script should be single-spaced and tied to the text you include on the slides in your presentation.

2.Create a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation (consisting of eight to ten slides) in which you highlight the points you have listed in your script.


1.For the script, write out the words you would say in your presentation. Topics you should include are provided in the document attached about dentistry, the skills, knowledge, and experience graduates should have in dentistry in order to be competitive when seeking employment, and how prospective students can enhance their identity capital.

2.Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of eight to ten slides based on the script you wrote for the first part of this project. Be sure to follow the media design guidelines I have included.

– I have attached a report that has everything about dentistry + 3 articles to include + Example of how the PowerPoint should look like.

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