University of Florida We Are All Neighbors Documentary Analysis & Questions

Complete the assignment below

Successful completion of your assignment requires you read Jeong (2008) Chapters 3 and 4 and review the documentary We are all neighbors.

The Assignment:

Please answer the following questions:

1. What are the sources of conflict documented in We are all neighbours? Use Jeong’s discussion of sources of conflict to identify up to two sources that are evident in the documentary on Bosnia (Chapter 3).

2. In Jeong (2008) chapter 4, he discusses how individuals and groups in conflict interact. Their conflictive relations display certain patterns and socio-psychological mechanisms.

oa) What conflictive pattern or patterns of conflictive interaction is evident inWe are all neighbours? Identify one and give evidence from the documentary,

    • b) What socio-psychological mechanisms do you notice in the documentaryWe are all neighbours? Identify at least one and give good evidence.

oc) What meanings do the Croats and Muslims inWe are all neighbours give to their conflict through cognitive and sensory information? Give evidence of at least one meaning and the cognitive and/or sensory information through which either the Croats or Muslims assign this meaning to their conflictive relations.

Post answers that are clear and concise. Get straight to the point. After you have posted your answer, please respond to at least one response from your classmates. You will need to post before you can answer.

This assignment tests your ability to read and understand basic concepts of conflict, and to apply what you have learned (use these concepts as tools) to generate new knowledge and understanding of a real-life conflict event.

Required readings

1) jeong, Ho-Won. (2008). Understanding Conflict and Conflict Analysis. Thousand Oaks, CA and London: Sage Publications Ltd. Chapters 3 and 4.*Access e-book here or copy and paste:

View Link on Youtube for Bosnian War:

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