University of California San Diego CH16 History Holocaust History Questions

Please respond to the following question in large paragraphs. Please do not use outside sources. Please only use the book: Wages of Destruction (chap 16) and Only the Dead (chap 7) by (Braumoeller, Bear F) .

1. Who was Fritz Sauckel? How did his duties in the National Socialist economy overlap between what we might consider the “normal” and the “despotic”? How does Tooze think Sauckel’s negotiations with the SS helped produce the Endlösung?

2. What was the Hungerplan? How did it emerge out of practical (albeit genocidal) German economic and geopolitical goals, yet (in Tooze’s telling) come to create the ideal conditions for the purely ideological goals of the SS elite to metastasize?

3. Can you think of a motivating force for the Endlösung other than the “purely ideological” or the economic one that Tooze suggests interacted with the ideological goals of the NSDAP and SS elites? What might a sociological argument for the motivating force of that genocide that examines the careers of elite SS officers look like? What about one that looks at the actions and motivations of non-German proxy forces for the Third Reich?

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