University of California Irvine The Global Sea Level Essay

I am looking for a 4-6 pages rough draft, the paper doesn’t have to be completely finished. I just need an introduction and the body paragraphs. Need to include historical context, use of scholarly or governmental source(s), a more than one image integrated into the draft (captioned), and at least one impact context (e.g., economic, health, infrastructure, etc). I will attach a essay proposal with possible sources the essay can quote below.

Possible outline

  1. General Topic (i.e. climate change)
    1. Focused Subject (sea level rising)
    2. Brief overview of contexts
    3. Thesis
  2. Historical Context
    1. How long has this issue existed? When did it start? How has this issue been dealt with in the past? How has the issue changed over time?
  3. Scientific Context
    1. Using credible sources to explain causes and effects related to climate/environment/ecology
  4. Other Contexts that explain how this is a “human” problem (i.e. political, economic, mental/physical health, infrastructure, agriculture, etc)
  5. Conclusion: Why is this issue significant enough to warrant the need for timely solutions?

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