University of Alabama at Birmingham Role of Refutation in Argumentation Question

Use the following link to see an illustration of an outline for the argumentative essay, and then create your own outline: (Links to an external site.)

Following the format of the handout provided, make an outline of the academic argument essay by following these steps:

  1. State your thesis.
  2. List your main claims (2-3).
  3. Identify types of evidence (primary or secondary or even specific sources that you plan on using for each claim like a youtube video or an article), and illustration from personal experience (only if it is relevant to your topic) or observation for each claim.
  4. State your main counterargument (at least 1) and its refutation. It is easiest to follow the classic argument structure by developing 2-3 claims to support your position, and identifying the most significant opposing view/counterargument and refuting it.

You don’t need to write out your introduction or conclusion or expand on these ideas. I just want you to clearly understand the organization of the essay and not drift away from your main argument.

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