UNH Coronavirus Doesn’t Care Where You Come from Trump Still Does Article Discussion

In our discussion threads, you will note a number of examples from recent media, of reports or events that are related to the concepts we have discussed in this course. Some are related to the philosophical concepts (such as our discussion of Freedom, Dignity, and Personal Responsibility); others are related to (or can be compared or contrasted with) our methodological concepts, the ways in which we attempt to address large cultural problems (they may not use our vocabulary, but are often framed as changes in cultural contingencies, the use of power to make these changes, and methodologies that allow us to measure whether these attempts have been successful); others may best be explored as examples of verbal behavior, of deliberate or accidental “framing” in order to manipulate the problem using language.

Your ”paper” will be your collection of some of these examples, with your own commentary explaining how A) the example is an illustration of our class concept, and/or B) how the example is explained by the use of our class concept.

You can take up to 6 pages to do this. You may use examples originally posted by someone else, but your commentary must be your own.

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