UMC Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Biblical Concept Discussion

Write a carefully organized, double-spaced essay of two to three pages in which you discuss the following topic. Be specific, and be sure that you are using evidence from the story to illustrate the points you want to make. Do not simply summarize the story. Be sure that your essay has a clear thesis in the opening paragraph and that it uses specific details from the texts to support the points you make.

Gandalf and Denethor are both stewards, and Faramir becomes a steward upon his father’s death. It is a common Christian belief—that would have been familiar to Tolkien—that human beings are God’s stewards on earth, morally obligated to care for it and to enforce God’s “laws” until his return.

Describe the responsibilities and characteristics of the good steward. Use Denethor, Faramir, and Gandalf as your examples.

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