UMC Lord of The Rings the Fellowship of The Ring Book Film Appreciation Essay

Write a carefully organized, double-spaced essay of two to three pages in which you discuss the following topic. Be specific, and be sure that you are using evidence from the story to illustrate the points you want to make. Do not simply summarize the story. Be sure that your essay has a clear thesis in the opening paragraph and that it uses specific details from the texts to support the points you make.

By the end of Book I, it is clear that the Black Riders possess a great deal of power and that Frodo and his companions will find it very difficult to travel even as far as Rivendell. At the same time, they did manage to reach Bree despite the Black Riders’ attempts to locate and capture them.

Analyze Frodo’s opposition in Book I. First, outline what strengths the Black Riders seem to have, then explain the causes of their failure to capture Frodo. Be specific, and do not simply summarize the story. Consider the physical attributes that the Black Riders have (or don’t have) and the character of the people they encounter.

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