The Name of the Disease Video Analysis & Questions

1.A Brother: Kesuji describes his brother coming down with a sickness of which he had died from after “wasting away” for a year.

a.Where did his brother seek treatment?

b. What treatment was he given?

2.A Father: Dhannaji describes his daughter coming down with a sickness of which she died after vomitting and diarhhea.

a.What did the family think was afflicting her?

b. Where did they go for treatment?

3.A Husband: Babubhai describes his pregnant wife giving birth and then dying after experiencing stomach pains.

a.Who helped her during the delivery of the baby?

b.What did she ask her husband for, shortly before she died?

A Neighbor: Walibai: Describes her neighbor, Kamlaji’s, sickness: She went to many different health practitioners, none of which appeared to have any permanent affect. What did each one say she had, and how did they treat it?”

4.The doctors at Tidi and Udaipur

a.Said she was afflicted with:

b.treated her with:

5.The priests at Jaisamand?

a.Said she was afllicted by:

b.her treatment was:

6.The bhopa?

a.Said she was afflicted by:

b.she had to do a:

7.Sehribai goes to the medical center near her home, but she also goes to the bhopas, the Bengali (unregulated/traditional/faith) doctors. Why does she claim to go to both?

8.When medicine is administered, whether by a licensed doctor or unlicensed doctor, what form of injection do the people in this area trust? Why do they not trust capsules and tablets?

9.Dr. Shikdar, at the Shikdar pharmacy explains why the poor people don’t often seek treatment at the government hospital. What is the specific reason or factor he identifies?

10.Ms. Sushila, the government auxillary nurse midwife of Udaipur, claims that the custom is for people to go to the bhopa first, if the bhopa can’t cure their ailment they go to the Bengali doctor who gives “drips” that make the people think they are getting a good treatment. If these don’t work, the afflicted go to the medical center. However, the medical centers are often closed. So, based on the evidence (data and statistics) presented in contrast with what is said in the rest of the documentary. Wait until the very end to answer the following:

a.who should the poor populations trust most with their medical needs? The bhopas and temples, the Bengali doctors and pharmacists, or the medical centers and doctors?

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