The Island President Environmental Film Review

The activity consists of selecting a non-fiction environmental documentary video to view. Fictional films cannot be used for this assignment. The video must be at least 90 minutes in length. After watching the video, prepare an essay of at least 1000 words.

To assist you in the preparation of your essay, I have some topics below for you to consider while you watch the video.

  1. What was the film-maker’s purpose in producing this documentary? Was there a viewpoint that was evident in the video? How well did the film-maker deliver the message?
  2. Describe any cinematic techniques used in presenting particular scenes, images, or sounds that lead the viewer to agree with the position advocated by the film. Were there appeals to reason or emotion, or both? Give examples of the use of these techniques. Were they effective in conveying the film-maker’s message?
  3. Did the video change your mind about any aspect of the subject that it presents? What information, argument or persuasive technique caused you to change your mind? Give examples to support your opinion.
  4. Think of 1-2 introductory sentences for your review based on your experience of the film. If you feel strongly that the reader of the review should/should not see the film, explain why. You want to catch the interest of the reader.
  5. Would you recommend this video to someone else? Why or why not? Build this recommendation into a closing paragraph for your review.

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