The Declaration of Sentiments & Womens Rights Discussions

Please visit the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote one of the most significant documents we will study in this class: a Declaration of Sentiments. In this treatise, the activists articulated their demands for equality. Read the document and take notes. Then, use the “People” and “Stories” tabs to further your research.

Assignment: In at least one well developed paragraph, discuss the “Declaration of Sentiments,” by including:

  • who are the five people most responsible for organizing the convention?
  • why did Stanton format the Declaration of Sentiments as she did?
  • based on the Declaration, what do women want and why do they think they are entitled to it?
  • what does the list of signers tell you about this convention and movement?

To receive full credit, you must include at least ONE direct quote from the Declaration of Sentiments (not just the website). Use quotation marks around your quote, but no need for any further citation since we are all using the Declaration of Sentiments.

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