The Citadel Information Warfare How Russians Interfered in 2016 Election Discussion

Select a testimony from the Senate counsel hearing:…

Identify what information capabilities were mentioned in that statement (your 1 selected testimony) and how they were applied. Did they achieve their intended effect(s), why or why not?

Your assignment should be one page, single spaced.


Information Operations and Open Source Intelligence Course

This course is developed specifically to examine information operations from both a civilian and military perspective. When we see a commercial or surf the web, we don’t generally think that we are being exposed to information operations, but we are. Anytime someone tries to use information to get us to think or do something they want, it is a form of influence. We are constantly confronted by it. When honed and tailored it can be used for a marketing campaign, political objectives, or to support military goals. We will explore an array of information techniques and apply them to myriad situations.”


1 Page Single Space

Answer Prompt

2 Sources (1 being the article)

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