Texas A & M International University Aggregate Planning Strategies Essay

When producing an aggregate plan for a firm, managers have several strategies that they can use. In general, there are two groups of plans; ones that attempt to alter capacity and the other that attempts to smooth out demand patterns. Picking the right one is an art, not science. Many variables must be considered to find the right fit for your operation.

Find an example of a company’s aggregate planning strategy. You can use the strategy from the firm where you currently work or where you have worked in the past; you can conduct an Internet search or use the Hunt Library resources.

Analyze the company’s aggregate planning strategy and then provide the following in your discussion.

  • Background on the company processes
  • Outline their aggregate planning strategy, relating the strategy to the textbook
  • Your opinion on whether the company is using the best aggregate planning strategy
  • An alternate strategy that might also work for the company
  • Advantages or disadvantages to the current and alternative strategies

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