SYG2000 Central New Mexico The Difference Between Us film Discussion

1) It can be said that race is both a myth and reality. Why can race be considered a myth? In what way can it be considered a reality?

2) What evidence is there to show that race does not biologically exist? Despite scientific evidence existing for several decades clearly showing race is a myth, many of us still find it hard to believe that the concept of race is a lie. Why do you feel it is difficult for acknowledge the falsehood of race?

3) One of the many ways in which sociology impacts us on a personal level and helps us to grow individually is by allowing us to reassess “commonsense.” This is incredibly important because much of what we have been taught as “common sense” and assume to be true is actually based on unsupported ideas passed down to us. With this in mind, how has the documentary challenged your own notions of race?

All responses must be of college quality. Complete sentences, accurate spelling and paragraphs must be used. ALL RESPONSES MUST BE IN YOUR OWNWORDS. Plagiarism is not tolerated in a college class. Please refer to the syllabus for additional detail.

There is a minimum word count requirement for this assignment. There is no maximum word count for this assignment. Please refer to the syllabus for additional detail

Minimum count is 250 words

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