Superman as A Fashion Icon Fashion Product and Photo Powerpoint

Success Criteria: For this CPT you will create a fashion product and photo essay documenting your concept, research and creation of an original fashion garment or product based on a superhero or fictional heroic character.

– The hero you choose to inspire your fashion creation can be any character, male or female, from popular comic books, graphic novels, movies or television and MUST be child friendly.

– You can design pyjamas, blankets, capes, masks, hats, jewellery, night light or any accessories. You can also repurpose any garments you purchase to suit your product design. Some examples of the superheroes you can choose from are Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man. You can also choose superheroes from Chinese folklore or any heroic figures from any cultural mythologies.

– The purpose of this CPT is to inspire children who are patients at the hospital to comfort them and help them to find the courage to fight any illness they may be battling. Your product will remind them they are not alone and help start them focusing on their recovery and ultimately give them the strength to get better.

– Everyone knows that Superheroes provide a fun and entertaining escape into a fantasy world where the good guys are always around to help when others cannot. Children often feel scared and alone when dealing with a life threatening illness. Some children have little chance for survival. They need to feel like they have their own hero to keep them company. For example, you could design an extra large Hulk themed blanket they can drape over themselves or you might design Captain America themed pyjamas to protect them whenever they feel weak.

Your product / photo essay must include these elements:

1. Detailed research note/photos on the Superhero you have chosen.

2. Detailed notes on your Superhero you wish to use as inspiration. Use Wikipedia, Google, newspaper articles, magazines, comic books, artwork and any information that detail the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW / WHY your superhero was created.

3. A short essay (minimum 500 words) about your Superhero. Explain why you think he or she and their unique superpowers cantie into their particular ailment and ultimately inspire children to fight to feel better.

4. Explain how their superpowers can be used to create your fashion product. Explain how their superpowers can help the young patient to feel strong, courageous and ready for battle. Use notes, swatches of colour, fabric, drawings and any supporting materials needed to create your design. Make visual and conceptual connections.

5. Cover art to decorate your virtual scrapbook / photo essay.

6. Your final original garment/product design(s), including measurements, cost to produce the product and where materials will be sourced.

7. Your photo essay must be presented in a Google Slides format.

– Remember to show me how well you understand the assignment, how effectively you build your idea and illustrate the purpose of your “feel good” fashion product. Use your creativity and imagination to make a difference in a sick kid’s life. Connect and communicate your ideas clearly!

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