Strayer Discussion: “Making it Work”

Discussion: “Making it Work”

  1. Discuss your experience with creating a presentation recording. How is the preparation process going and what obstacles have you faced? What questions do you have about the process that your peers may be able to help solve?
  2. Find a helpful tip about recording audio or video and share that here (with proper credit – a link to the source will be fine).

Extra credits work:

provide a link to an article or video that is pertinent to the discussion and write a quality 250 word commentary which would include a brief summary (25-40 words) and a discussion on how you have used or will use this information in your own professional/academic life.

Make sure you do the discussion, find an article or video and write a 250 word commentary which includes 24-40 words and a discussion on how you have used this onformation in your own professional/academic life.

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