Stanly Community College The Basket of Apples by Paul Cezanne Paper

Please respond to the following questions about the formal elements of line, shape and space using your own words. Use the “Text Entry” method of submission. Files cannot be uploaded and attached for this assignment.

Chapter 3:

1.) How does Paul Cézanne challenge the concept of the “still life” in The Basket of Apples (pg. 46)?

2.) How does implied line affect how the viewer perceives the content of Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin?

3.) How do we know so much about Vincent van Gogh’s creative process for The Sower?

4.) How does the orderly composition of Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Socrates affect the viewer’s interpretation of the content?

5.) How does Robert Mapplethorpe’s photograph Lisa Lyon subvert our expectations, and how does the use of line contribute to our understanding of her intentions?

Chapter 4:

1.) Does the interior of a cathedral contain more mass or more volume?

2.) How does Steve DiBenedetto’s Deliverance convey the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface? Name two techniques the artist uses to create depth in this work.

3.) How does Leonardo da Vinci organize the space in The Last Supper, and to what symbolic effect?

4.) What makes Paul Strand’s Abstraction so abstract?

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