Southern New Hampshire University Peyton Approved Financial Data Worksheet

Overview: In this milestone, you will move through the first four steps of Final Project I by creating the monthly journal entries and general ledger accounts in your accounting workbook. The monthly journal entries are how businesses input financial activities into their accounting systems. The values from these entries are posted to the general ledger.

Prompt: Your dog, Peyton, has severe allergies and cannot have the usual store-bought dog treats. You have been making homemade treats for him that are allnatural and hypoallergenic. Over the past year, you have been making and selling these treats out of your home, and you have been quite successful. You now have an opportunity to open your own dog treat bakery. You have decided on a corporate form of business and have named your company “Peyton Approved.”

To complete Milestone One, use accepted accounting principles to follow and record your business transactions for a three-month period. You will find the provided data for your workbook in the appendix at the end of this document. The data have been separated from the prompt so that you can more easily view the full scope of the assignment. Links have been provided to help you locate the information you need as you move through each step.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Record financial data that accurately captures business transactions according to accepted accounting principles.

A. Step One: Complete the “July Journal Entries” tab in your workbook using the Step One data in the appendix.

B. Step Two: Complete the “August Journal Entries” tab in your workbook using the Step Two data in the appendix.

C. Step Three: Complete the “September Journal Entries” tab in your workbook using the Step Three data and updated scenario information in the appendix. Note that there was an additional line of products added this month, so you must first complete the “Inventory Valuation” tab in your workbook and then copy the journal entries from the inventory evaluation page into your journal for this month to ensure the impact of merchandising is reflected in your reporting.

The following critical element is not graded:

D. Step Four: Transfer posted entries to T accounts.

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