SOC 110 ERU Sociology Social Inequality Discrimination in the US Discussion

The video that you are required to watch for this week’s discussion pertains to the United States criminal justice system and the problems identified by Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. In this video, Stevenson weaves his personal narrative and stories of his experiences as a lawyer, which allows the viewer the opportunity to understand why Stevenson has developed his particular perspective regarding the criminal justice system. I have provided you with two links to the same video, just in case one of them does not work. The presentation is roughly 25 minutes long.

Video Link 01:…

Video Link 02:

For your original post ( the first post ), please highlight and describe the part of this video that you feel is most significant and connect that content to our class material (i.e. something mentioned in the SOCIOLOGY 110 textbook). Be sure to explain that connection in at least one paragraph.

For your response post ( the second post ), build upon the original post of a fellow classmate with any information that you feel adds to your classmate’s original post.

Note: I’ll send you the classmate’s original post after receiving the first post from you.

You can find what you need about Sociology 110 on Google.

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