Shipping Basketballs

You’ve been asked to identify the recommended transportation mode to move a full container of basketballs from the factory in Shenzhen, China to the buyer in St. Louis, MO. The basketballs are manufactured and packaged at the plant with 6 basketballs in the case. 700 cases of basketballs fit on the 40′ intermodal container.

You’ve already received the quotes you requested from the physical network and have options within the operational network identified. Your next steps include:

Complete the attached worksheet.

Use the operational network shown to identify the strategic layer which has four options.

Show the estimated shipment times and costs for each route.

Select the best route from the strategic network layer.

Make your recommendation in a 1-2 page memo to your manager, Mr. Smith.

Summarize your findings of the three options and support why your selected route is best. Specifically identify the 2nd best route and why you recommend your route over it.

Identify challenges of your recommendation that your manager should be aware of in terms of delivery while meeting the Seven Rs of Logistics.

Include with the submission, both your memo and your completed worksheet. Cite any sources used with APA format.

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