Sexual Satisfaction Sexual Health & the Quality of A Relationship Research Paper

Research Paper

This class is about sexuality, paper topic is sexual satisfaction.

You will be writing a reflection on your topic based on research and a conversation with someone on your topic. Part of sexual literacy is the capacity to communicate about sexuality. Therefore, you will need to engage in a conversation about your topic and complete a reflection. The conversation can be with any person, (except for minors, unless they are your own children) and will focus on your topic of research. To be knowledgeable on the subject, you will examine current research in the area of your topic.

Papers should be formatted as follows:

  • In APA edition 6th
  • Include cover page, headings, and references.
  • FIVE-pages of text
  • double-spaced
  • Times New Roman 12 pt Font
  • 1 inch margins (page number does not include references or cover page!).

You will be submitting your paper to turnitin to check for originality.

Your paper will have the following sections:

  1. Introduction (.5 page): You will develop an introductory a paragraph that sets up your topic. It establishes the context and significance of the research you are evaluating, summarizing current understanding and background information about the topic and stating the purpose of the paper in a thesis statement.
  2. Research (1.5 pages): You will develop a section that defines your topic, key components needed to understand your topic, and describe the complexity of the topic (e.g. context, factors of influence, group differences). You will be using TWO empirical peer-reviewed journal articles to provide evidence for your claims. You will need to synthesize and interpret. You will turn in a draft of introduction and research as a progress assignment.
  3. Reflection (2 pages): Reflections include thoughts, feelings, or reactions to an experience that can enhance learning, knowledge acquisition, and understanding. It is a form of critical thinking and review. The reflective capacity can facilitate awareness of ethical issues or value conflicts, therefore an essential skill for public service professionals. You will need to describe the person and location of the conversation. Followed by your thoughts, feelings and reactions to the conversations (this should not be a summary of the conversation). In this section you should NOT summarize the entire conversation. The goal is to reflect on elements of the conversation.
  4. Conclusion (1 page): The goal of a conclusion is to summarize the findings you have presented and to discuss the implications to professionals in the field. After reiterating the findings from research, discuss the need or development of programs or policies that can help support the topic or raise awareness. A conclusion wraps up and provides a sense of closure.
  5. After you done the paper, please answer the draft question.

Papers will be graded on the following areas:

complex connections, effective descriptions and definitions, use of research, in-depth reflection, organization, and writing style.

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