Servlets – Advanced Java Test – Questions…???

Servlets – Advanced Java Test – Questions…???

1) In which advantage of servlet, Servlets are managed by JVM so no need to worry about memory leak, garbage collection etc.?

2) In the following statements identify the disadvantages of CGI?

3) Servlet technology is used to create web application?

4) In HTTP Request Which Asks for the loopback of the request message, for testing or troubleshooting?

5) In HTTP Request method Get request is secured because data is exposed in URL bar?

6) In the HTTP Request method which is non-idempotent?

7) Give the examples of Application Server from the following?

8) Abbreviate the term MIME?

9) Which packages represent interfaces and classes for servlet API?

10) The web container maintains the life cycle of a servlet instance,give the lifecycle of a servlet?

11) The sendRedirect() method of HttpServletResponse interface can be used to redirect response to another resource, it may be servlet, jsp or html file?

12) In RequestDispacher which method is used to sends the same request and response objects to another servlet?

13) An object of Which is created by the web container at time of deploying the project?

14) An attribute in servlet is an object that can be set, get or removed from one of the following scopes?

15) How many techniques are used in Session Tracking?

16) Which cookie it is valid for single session only; it is removed each time when user closes the browser?

17) Which object of HttpSession can be used to view and manipulate information about a session, such as the?

18) Which methods are used to bind the objects on HttpSession instance and get the objects?

19) Which class provides stream to read binary data such as image etc. from the request object?

20) These methods doGet(),doPost(),doHead,doDelete(),deTrace() are used in?

21) Sessions is a part of the SessionTracking and it is for maintaining the client state at server side?

22) In Session tracking which method is used in a bit of information that is sent by a web server to a browser and which can later be read back from that browser?

23) Using mail API we cannot send mail from a servlet?

24) Servlets handle multiple simultaneous requests by using threads?

25) Which type of ServletEngine is a server that includes built-in support for servlets?

26) Connection Pooling Class manages no of user requests for connections to improve the performance?

27) Which of these ways used to communicate from an applet to servlet?

28) Web server is used for loading the init() method of servlet?

29) Which class can handle any type of request so it is protocol-independent?

30) In Servlet Terminology what provides runtime environment for JavaEE (j2ee) applications…

>>> — Full Questions in Attached file — <<<

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