SC Technology Methods Skills Techniques & Processes Used in Production Research Paper


  • List the databases and/or journals that you will use to find articles related to your topic with at least 8 academic sources in a reference list.
  • Choose at least 3 articles and present a proper APA reference with an Annotated Bibliography – a summary of the article – for each source (exception for groups of 4- prepare at least 4 articles with annotated bibliography).
  • Your proposal needs to include an introduction with at least 3 annotated bibliographies of academic sources. Also, the last page is the reference list with APA citation and APA cited title page.

Minimum of 600 word count; 3 members per group; submitted at 12pm on March 27th.

Research Database:


APA Citation:

Annotated Bibliographies:…

Paraphrasing sources:

The topic is about technology but nothing specific.

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