Santa Barbara City College Revising Legal Processes Paper

Your assignment is to write up a one-page, typed analysis on one area of the law
or legal rule that you would change, why you think it needs changing, and how you
would change it (recommend a potential solution, along with some pros and cons
of implementing this solution).
For example, maybe you want to eliminate some of the procedural requirements
someone needs to go through in order to get to court (such as shortening the time
where someone can file an answer). In order to support your theory, you must
include one or two research sources to back up your claims. Citing to these
sources should be done by using footnotes. Wikipedia is not a source; use news
articles! As a paper and citation example:
If I could change one area of law, it would be to shorten the time someone has to wait in
order to get into court. Currently, courts have long wait times, and plaintiffs who have
serious injuries should be able to redress their concerns in a quicker way since they are
already losing money on medical costs. A potential solution would be to conduct court
hearings online so judges can hear cases more efficiently. Specifically, California has
wait times of over a year for certain civil cases, and sometimes plaintiffs have to drive
hours to attend court.1 The benefits of this plan are that money and time are saved. The
drawbacks are that if defendants are not required to go to court, they may not show up to
defend their lawsuits and it may become tougher to enforce a judgment against them.
Use THIS citation format in the footer of your paper:
1 Los Angeles Times. Cutbacks in California court system produces long lines, short tempers. (5/10/2020).

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