SAINT MKT301 MODULE 7 quiz 4


A(n) __________ is a set of symbols that the sender transmits.


feedback loop




Question 2. Question :

An appeal that attempts to stir up either negative or positive sentiments that can motivate purchase is called a(n) __________ appeal.






Question 3. Question :

Display media includes __________.




company websites


Question 4. Question :

__________ is very believable because news stories, features, sponsorships, and events seem more real and believable to readers than ads do.

Differentiated marketing

Public relations

Direct marketing

Sales promotion

Personal selling 

Question 5. Question :

HP’s advertising agency assembles words and illustrations into an advertisement that conveys the company’s intended brand message. In the context of the communication process, HP is __________.






Question 6. Question :

Kathy Champe, a public relations specialist for a regional chain of pharmacies, regularly contacts members of the local and state-wide media with information about community events and charity fundraisers sponsored by her company. This is an example of the __________ function of public relations.

press relations

product publicity

investor relations



Question 7. Question :

Which of the following is true about the customer sales force structure?

Customer sales force structure is a combination of territorial sales force structure and product sales force structure.

Each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive geographic area and sells the company’s full line of products or services to all customers in that territory.

Salespersons specialize in only a particular product line as the company produces numerous and complex products.

Companies using customer sales force structure tend to ignore the importance of long-term relationship building with customers.

Separate sales forces are set up for different industries, serving current customers versus finding new ones, and serving major accounts versus regular accounts.

Question 8. Question :

Which of the following statements is most likely true about radio as an advertising medium?

Radio advertising is typically quite expensive.

Radio ensures good attention from the target audience.

Radio offers very low audience selectivity.

Radio prohibits the use of segmentation strategies.

Radio advertising is characterized by good local acceptance. 

Question 9. Question :

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using direct mail as an advertising medium?

IN Low audience selectivity

No flexibility

Severe ad competition

Relatively high cost per exposure

Lack of personalization 

Question 10. Question :

A Spanish-language channel runs its ads only in Hispanic neighborhoods. This is an example of __________.


buzz marketing


media multitasking

personal selling 

Question 11. Question :

Monty Boyd, an account manager, travels frequently on West Coast Airlines. Monty earns points for every mile he flies, and he will soon have enough points to receive a free airline ticket. West Coast Airlines is attempting to build a strong customer relationship with Monty through a __________.

trade promotion

promotional product

rebate offer

point-of-purchase promotion

frequency marketing program 

Question 12. Question :

Which of the following questions would help a marketer evaluate the return on a sales promotion investment?

Was the sales force successful in filtering out the good prospects from the poor ones?

Did customers enjoy the events associated with the promotion?

Did customers receive high-quality promotional products?

Did the promotion attract new customers or more purchasing from current customers?

Were channel intermediaries effectively positioned to ensure a seamless supply of products? (Page Ref: 488)

Question 13. Question :

Which of the following is a potential drawback of using web-based technologies for making sales presentations and servicing accounts?

Web-based technologies lower the overall efficiency of salespeople.

The cost of the technology outweighs the advantages gained through eliminating travel.

Web-based technologies can intimidate salespeople or clients who are unfamiliar with them.

Salespeople who use web-based technologies tend to be less attentive to customer needs.

Online selling usually takes more time than direct selling. 

Question 14. Question :

Which of the following best explains why companies are adopting the team selling approach to service large, complex accounts?

Products have become too complicated for one salesperson to handle a large company’s needs.

Customers prefer dealing with many salespeople rather than one sales representative.

Job rotation, an integral part of team selling, keeps workers motivated and boosts their morale.

Team selling facilitates the evaluation of individual contributions.

With team selling, companies are not required to train the outside sales force any longer. 

Question 15. Question :

A five-foot-high cardboard display of Terry the polar bear, mascot of Terry’s protein shake, next to the shelf containing Terry’s products in a supermarket, is an example of a(n) __________.


point-of-purchase promotion

business promotion

IN advertising specialty


Question 16. Question :

All of the following are forms of direct marketing EXCEPT __________.

personal selling

point-of-purchase promotion


direct-mail marketing

kiosk marketing 

Question 17. Question :

Which of the following terms refers to a 30-minute television advertising program that markets a single product?

Social media

Digital catalog




Question 18. Question :

Florian Fasteners recently introduced a new line of products. In order to promote its product, it sent samples to the addresses of a few select customers. Which of the following types of marketing is evident from this example?

Direct-mail marketing

Telephone marketing

Direct-response TV marketing

Mobile marketing

Kiosk marketing 

Question 19. Question :

How has do-not-call legislation helped direct marketers?

Marketers are compensated by the Federal Trade Commission for lost sales caused by the laws.

Direct marketers have outsourced their activities to firms that are exempt from such laws.

Direct marketers have developed kiosks as an alternative to telemarketing.

Telemarketers are allowed to call customers for a small fee.

Telemarketers have developed opt-in calling systems. 

Question 20. Question :

Green Gardens is a click-and-mortar company that sells gardening and landscaping goods and equipment. When customers are unable to find a product they need on the shelves of their local Green Gardens store, customers order the product online with the help of the in-store ordering machine. Which of the following best describes the ordering machine?


IN Digital catalog



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