RWS305W Using Animals to Test for Drugs Op-Ed Paper

You will be writing an Op Ed about the use of animals to test for drugs or chemicals.

  • 3-4 pages (4 is maximum). Typed, double-spaced, numbered.Works Referenced Page.

The prompt and the topic proposal (That I did) are both attached. However, in the topic proposal paper (Title: Animal Testing), there is a question about my personal connection to the topic, you need to work more on that. I am a pre-med Biology majored student, but this is not enough, so there should be a stronger relationship to the topic. I have also attached some op-ed examples.

The rubric is also attached, please follow it word by word! I have also attached an example of an OpEd (Let Us Buy Cake), please take a look at this and see how the writer relates to his own experience.

For any question, please contact me.

Thank you!

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