Rutgers University of New Jersey The United States To 1877

America is a land of diverse people, thoughts, and backgrounds. For this PSA, please give me your thoughts about this class so far. Was there anything you liked, didn’t like, or have suggestions for? Each semester I try out new things and want to hear feedback. I especially try to tailor the class to every type of learner (readers, visual, auditory, etc.). Using the same rubric, write a paragraph (or more) letting me know what you think. Thanks!

We used in the online class:

weekly quizzes, weekly Inquizitive. Also, 2 topics we discussed between each other, with the other students. ( I liked)

the e-book, ( I dislike) Im not able to order the written one.

It is a good classes that allowed me to learn more about USA.

The course name : The United States to 1877.

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