Rugters University Marketing Issue Identification and Summary Memorandum

Business and Client Memos: The focus of this course is the evaluation of Strategic Impact Marketing principles and effective execution models and issues: From issue identification to resolutions. Hence, our operating model is a client-focused consulting practice.

The first page of the Client Memo should include:

1. the student’s name

2. the week the Write-up covers

3. the Case Study assigned

The assignment is to write a weekly client memo on the Problem/ Evaluation/ or Resolution. The memo is to the client from you as their consultant who is hired to analyze & solve marketing centered problems.

Accordingly, the memo must be client accessible, practical, service oriented, and possess a P&L effectiveness focus.

The Client Memo may have 4 sections with:

1)The first section will identify and clearly summarize the issue[s] and you will identify and

2)Evaluate the ‘mega-concept’;

3)The second section will summarize the relevant facts in the context of this overarching mega-cept issue presented;

4)The third section will provide a brief analysis of the key issue(s) in the framework of leading people and business change;

5)The fourth section will provide an insightful evaluation of the arguments/points presented;

6)Concluding with a business solution- based on your effective market-focused Management Recommendation.

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