Rider University Racial Profiling Pros & Cons Within Law Enforcement Essay

Research paper:

This course requires the student to write a 5 pages research paper. The paper will be double-spaced and utilize Times New Roman 12 font. The cover-page, abstract and reference page are NOT included as part of the 5 pages. In all, the paper should be 8 pages. Any paper not meeting the APA standard will automatically be penalized 50 points. Please pay attention to APA.

Topics for selection: Students will be required to submit a 5 pages research paper covering any one of the following topic: Racial profiling pro or con. Focus on the negative aspects of racial profiling in addition to the positive aspects, if any, of racial profiling in law enforcement.

How does racial profiling affect justice for crimes?

How does racial profiling affect minorities?


Think about how diversity within law enforcement can help to end racial profiling.

***** (If you have a different topic that you want to write about, please let me know). Research paper guidelines:
This guideline is designed to help the student earn full credit for your work.

  1. You must use and cite at least 5 academic resources in your paper.
  2. Your citations must be listed on a reference page at the end of your research paper.
  3. You are to utilize the established APA style for your citations in the text and on the referencepage.
  4. Any statement, idea or phrase in your paper that is not your original work “must” be cited witha parenthetical cite, giving proper credit to the author.

The paper should address all the stipulated points as they apply to your individual research paper. Proofread your paper and then have someone else proofread it! There is no excuse for errors in spelling and grammar.

APA Paper Format:

A research paper outline (APA format) will have the following pattern.

page11image1456609504 page11image1456609760 page11image1456610016

1. The title page

• the title
• the running head
• the page number
• the name of the author
• the course title
• the name of the professor • the date of submission.

2. The introduction


• the topic
• the scope of the topic
• the nature of research
• relevant background information • the thesis statement

3. The body paragraphs I, II and III

• the first, second and third main points respectively • the explanation
• the discussion
• the justification

• presentation of evidence
• in-text citations (in (author, date) format)
• footnotes (for the additional information on the text)

4. The conclusion

• the summary of the main points
• thesis reinstated
• discussion of further scope for research on the topic • the concluding line.

5. References

• text sources
• Internet sources, etc.

APA Citation Format:

It is very important that you learn how to cite properly. In some ways, citations are more important than the actual text of your paper. Therefore, you should take this task seriously and devote some time to understanding how to cite properly.

You may also choose to access the following websites to assist you in clarification:

www.apastyle.org http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/02/

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