RC Data Center Design Choice and Floorplan Whole Floor Overall Outline

For the first part of your course project, you will need to first choose which option of the type of Data Center you want to build.

Based on your choice, your first task is to design a diagram showing the floorplan layout of your new data center. Your plan view architectural design of the floorplan of the Data Center must include:

  • A Plan View design
  • Enough floor space to host office space, rack space and room for heating and cooling solutions
  • At least two rooms for office and personal
  • One or two rooms for cooling and heating solutions
  • Enough floor space to fit your required server and storage racks

You should make your design using Visio, PowerPoint or some other type of drawing program.

Finally, write an additional summary that explains the design decisions you made for your Data Center design. Include screenshots or embedded images of your floorplan in your summary.

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