Quality Control Sigma Toolkit Polaroid Case Research Paper

6 Sigma Toolkit Polaroid Case Instructions

Using the Polaroid case material, prepare a case analysis using control charts. The case should be approximately 3-5 pages long plus exhibits. The case should be organized as follows:

a. Introduction

b. Background to the situation

c. Identify the problem(s) Polaroid is struggling with

d. Analysis.

e. Recommendations. Looking at the control charts, as well as the broader case, what

recommendations would you offer regarding Project Greenlight.

In the Analysis, prepare a presentation grade X bar and R bar Control Chart(s) for both Pod Weight and Finger Height. There should be a X bar and a R bar chart for each of the three (3) shifts.

Analyze the charts. Write several paragraphs discussing what’s going on with the processes over the time period we are looking at. Do this for each shift.

For each shift, prepare a summary table that indicates whether the process is “in control” or not. If it is not in control, what rule(s) is/are the process “breaking” which suggests it is not in control?

Save the work of the assignment as one file (preferably a PDF)

Hint 1. Use an EXCEL Spreadsheet as a basis for a worksheet to do the various calculations. You may develop your own spreadsheet or use the ASQ template. On your control charts, include titles and show means, upper and lower control limits as well as plot the data.

Hint 2. You may use the Supplementary information from the Harvard Publishing site or the Assignment page that has the data in EXCEL format to reduce your workload.

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