Qinghua On Campus vs On Campus Renting to Students Ways of Making Money Discussion

1.Problem definition. This section should present both the management-decision problem and the broad marketing research problem.

2.Problem specification (Approach to the problem). This section should discuss the broad approach adopted and specify the information needed in addressing the problem. Some kind of analytical framework could be developed and included. The specific research questions (RQs) and/or hypotheses identified from your previous phase of the project (the secondary data analysis and exploratory research) should be presented. See Appendix A for more information about what to include. A good way to organize this section is to organize it around the key RQs/Hypotheses (or the analytical framework) you have identified. Then use the findings from your secondary data analysis and exploratory research to support each RQ, demonstrating how and why you find these RQs most relevant in addressing your marketing research problem. If you have included specific hypotheses, justify why the relationships should go the way you predict.When developing RQs/Hypotheses, please make sure they correspond to the broad marketing research and management-decision problem you have defined. When proposing a hypothesis, make sure the variables included in your hypothesis can be measured via a survey and the relationship proposed can be tested in a survey research. Keep in mind that this section plays an important role in guiding your questionnaire development.

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